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Company Profile

Jiangsu Longhong(Lonhom) Mechatronics Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu Longhong(Lonhom) Mechatronics Co.,Ltd. is an electronic technology professional enterprise, the main businesses are developing and producing the mechanical and electrical integration products and new energy products. There is a strong team to support the software and hardware of the development capacity of products, Lonhom has a professional R&D team (including 2 PhD and 7 masters) and 4,000m2 professional R&D and testing center. At present, our company develops and manufactures products such as rail transit rolling mill, automatic charging system, ATM machine, solar energy storage battery system, battery drive system, power system software control system, battery pack, charging module and battery management system. Lonhom is constantly developing new products every year, such as robotic systems, garden industry electronic systems, high-performance energy storage and power battery-driven management systems and their hardware, etc.